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Find out about our Grease Trap Service.

We can also provide your restaurant with grease trap maintenance.  W. B. Riggins Tallow Co., Inc is licensed to service in ground grease traps.  We provide this service to our existing customers.  Some companies will “skim” the grease trap, which is in violation of Health Department regulations.  The trap must be thoroughly cleaned to remove grease and scum from inner walls and baffles. The walls and baffles must be inspected for any damages or repairs needed.  Our company will service your grease trap on a scheduled basis.  Several Alabama counties have enforced a 90 day cycle on the grease traps.  We have a computer program that alerts us when your restaurant is due to be pumped.  We provide each store with a manifest after the service is performed.

For information regarding a price estimate, please contact our office.