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Used Cooking Oil Removal

W. B. Riggins Tallow Co. services restaurants on a regular two-week schedule.   This helps reduce in odors and insects.  Other grease companies will put in two containers so they can go four to six weeks without empting their equipment.  We furnish each restaurant with a clean grease container to dispose of your used cooking oil.  For this service, there are no set up fees or equipment costs to our customers.  When the market is up, we offer rebate checks back on the used cooking oil.


Grease containers are pumped by specially designed trucks to eliminate spillage and messes.  We offer several different sized containers to fit your needs. For your convenience, waste containers can be placed inside or outside the dumpster area.  Our containers are designed to reduce spills and splashing.

Pressure Washing

We take pride in the maintenance of our waste containers.  Waste containers are inspected on a regular basis and scheduled for cleaning and repainting as needed.


Grease Caddy
With our service, at no charge, we provide your restaurant use of our “Grease Caddy”, (a $300 retail value).  It is used to transport the grease from the fryers to our container.  This will help reduce accidental spills and burns.  With our service, these grease caddy's have our Lifetime Guarantee for replacement.  We replace the grease caddy's anytime for any reason at no charge.  The grease caddy's do go through a lot of wear and tear over the period of a year or so.

(Grease Caddy pictured below)


Grease Trap Maintenance *NEW*

We are now permitted by the Health Department to service in ground grease traps in certain areas.  For information regarding a price estimate, please contact our office.